Filtering truly constructive feedbacks by Sentiment analysis using natural language processing.



What is Sarahah++?
I figured out people are taking benefits of being anonymous and submitting disrespectful, abusing and inappropriate content many times while using Sarahah. A friend of mine got lots of abusive comments rather than constructive views. So I made this; Sarahah++

How it's different from Sarahah?
This tool performs sentimental analysis on anonymous message; if any disrespectful/ cheap/ vulgar comments found it just delete it and warn the anonymous user. Only good constructive messages survive from this and make a way to end user.

In simple word, please.
By using this tool, you'll get constructive messages only. All cheap & dirty messages are filtered.

What will be your next step?
Now I'm making an addon where this tool can also click the picture of the anonymous user who's trying to submit cheap comments.

If I want to find your other work...
Ya, then you can browse and experiment with the stuff I made here.

What's your favourite quote?
I have many and here is the list.

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