Assisted Creativity

Set of intelligent tools and techniques to fosters individuals creativity by Machine Assistance with design sense.

How can we leverage and integrate Machine Learning and AI with design thinking to make content creation process an experience for new creatives at Adobe.

I spent 6 months at Adobe and came up with various tools which can change your perspective about how you create the layouts, color/recolor your artwork, choose fonts, learn visual design and much more. The machine, which has a 'design sense', is going to assist you when you ask for. You can do lots of things which might not possible with current tools. I've conceptualized a set of a solutions, made prototypes, validated with users and right now pushing those tools forward which are powered by Adobe Sensei.

Due to NDA I signed I can't share complete details about this project. I might share more details about each tools here, once I or Adobe get the patents and copyrights for each.

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